Item Type: Weapon (Melee)


Range: Short
Swinging Speed: Fast
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: .3kg/.66lbs
Examine Text: Small, old battery powered handlamp.

The Torch is a common blunt weapon found in fire stations. When equipped, it can be turned on by right clicking. When turned on, the flashlight emits light in an outward radius.

Crafting recipesEdit

1 Torch + 1 Construction Helmet = 1 Miner Helmet.


  • Besides firearms and bows attached with tactical lights, the Torch and Handlamp are the only handheld light source in Unturned 2, as other light sources such as flares and chemlights must be thrown before emitting light.
  • Damage is represented without being effected by any damage protection, such as protective clothing and vests.
  • If you start/respawn while playing on the Easy difficulty, this item will be in your first hotkey. 


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