Item type: Weapon (Assault Rifle)
Base damage: 81%
Range: 400 meters
RPM: 400 rpm
Reload time: 2.8 seconds
Capacity: 20/30/100 round(s)
Firemode(s): Safety, Semi
Accepted attachment(s): Barrel, Sight, Tactical
Default attachment(s): Point Circle Sight
Chambered in: NATO Ammunition
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 3kg/6.6lbs
Inventory description: Chambered in NATO ammunition.
Additional notes: Verstile. Semi-firing only.

The Swissgewehr is a rare assault rifle found at police locations. It utilizes NATO TracersNATO Magazines, and NATO Drums which hold 20, 30 and 100 bullets respectively. It spawns with the Point Circle Sight pre-attached by default.

How to ObtainEdit

The Swissgewehr is found in 5 locations, all of them being police locations. These locations are; Charlottetown's police station, Burywood's police station, the barricaded dock near the S.S Haven, the car crash in Summerside Peninsula and the police car in the Confederation Bridge.



  • The Swissgewehr deals high damage-per-shot, and is capable of killing a civilian zombie in one headshot.
  • It can use three different types of magazines, and two different ammunition types.
  • The Swissgewehr can use 20 round Tracer magazines, 30 round standard NATO magazines, or 100 round NATO Drums.
  • It can use any kind of attachment.
  • Its coloration provides better forest camouflage than the Maplestrike or Zubeknakov.
  • It has a long effective range, on par with the other assault rifles, and the Timberwolf.


  • It is rare, and is found only in police locations.
  • Unlike other assault rifles, it only has a safety and semi firing mode, making it inferior as a crowd control weapon, and giving it a severe disadvantage against other fully automatic assault rifles in multiplayer.
  • Its ammunition is not found in police locations, requiring you to visit dangerous military locations to find magazines or Military Bullets.
  • It requires 2 military bullets to refill NATO Magazines, 2 rare Tracer Bullets to refill NATO Tracers and 4 military bullets to refill NATO Drums.
  • Though it weighs less than the Maplestrike, it is still a heavy weapon.


  • The Swissgewehr was the first firearm added in Unturned 2, but was originally named SGR351, used 5.56x45mm B-Mags, and 5.56x45mm C-Mags during the first beta release. They were uncommon at that time.
  • The Swissgewehr is based on Swiss SIG Sauer rifles, such as the SIG 550 and 552.
  • It is called "Swiss Rifle" (Or "Swiss gun") when you translate in German. But the correct translation for "Swiss Rifle" would be "Schweizer Gewehr".
  • Due to being able to fire only on semi-automatic, it is considered a marksman rifle.


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