Item Type: Attachment (Barrel)
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.1kg/2.2lbs
Description: "Military grade silencer."

A Suppressor is a rare attachment found at police locations or military locations. When attached to a firearm, it reduces gunshot noise, helping to avoid unwanted attention from zombies and players. It is recommended for stealthy players. If you cannot find one yet try crafting the Muffler.

These are some of the locations where you can find a suppressor:

It rarely spawns at O'Leary Military Base, you can find it in one of the watchtowers or under a bed, or you can go to Holman Island where it spawns more frequently. It also spawns rarely at other military locations.



  • Doesn't attract attention from zombies
  • Greatly reduces gunshot sound
  • Can be attached to most weapons in the game


  • Somewhat rare
  • Doesn't hide muzzle flash
  • Gunshot sound is still fairly noticeable
  • Adds considerable length to the barrel of a rife such as the Maplestrike and Swissgewehr, somewhat reducing stealth


  • It does not hide muzzle flash, so it is recommended to switch to a Flash Hider at night, increasing survivability slightly despite the sound of the gunshot.
  • Both the suppressor and the flash hider are integrated in the Matamorez's barrel.

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