File:Sledgehammer 1.png
Item Type: Weapon (Melee)
Base Damage:


Range: Long
Swinging Speed: Slow
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No


Description: "Heavy-duty steel hammer"

The Sledgehammer is an uncommon melee weapon found in construction locations and rarely at farms.

Weapon analysisEdit


  • The Sledgehammer deals extremely high damage-per-hit, and can kill any zombie in one headshot.
  • Its reach is long, making it safe to use against zombies.
  • It is lightweight, even for a melee weapon.
  • It can destroy structures very quickly, its dismantling prowess only topped by explosives.


  • Its attack speed is rather slow, somewhat limiting its effectiveness against larger groups.


  • Despite being a heavy tool in real life, it has a weight of only 0.35 kg in Unturned. In real life, it weighs 4.5 kg.
  • Surprisingly, it cannot be used to break large rocks like the Pick, nor can it be used as a tool to craft items like the Hammer.


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