Ranged weapons are weapons that shoot damaging projectiles at targets from a distance. Each weapon varies in damage, effective range, recoil, attachment compatibility, as well as ammunition types and compatibility.


Ranged weapons are effective at taking enemies quickly and from a distance. To do so they need ammunition to function, and each weapon uses a different kind. Some ranged weapons have several types of ammunition such as the shotgun which can use buckshot(12 wide-spread low damage pellets) or slugs(single high-damage bullet). Ranged weapons can also have attachments added to them, such as adding a scopes, tacticals and barrels.

Weapon name Type Damage (%) Range (meters) Weight (kg) Ammo Capacity Weapon Rarity Ammo Rarity Group
Colt Pistol 34 100 1 7 C C Civilian
Berette Pistol 35 100 1 13 U U Police
Magnum Pistol 65 50 0.7 6 U C Civilian
Desert Falcon Pistol 67 60 1.5 7 U C Military
Lever Action Shotgun (16X12) 15 1.5 4 U C/R/U Civilian
Double Barrel Shotgun (20X12) 20 0.8 2 C C/R/U Civilian
Novuh Shotgun (18X12) 20 1.2 5 R C/R/U Police
Mosen Rifle 90 300 0.9 5 R U Militia
Outfield Rifle 85 325 1 5 U U Civilian
Maplestrike Assault-Rifle 81 400 3.5 30-20-100 U U/R/R Military
Swissgewehr Assault-Rifle 81 400 3 30-20-100 R U/R/R Police
Zubeknakov Assault-Rifle 81 400 2.5 30-75 VR R/ER Militia
Uzy SMG 31 200 1.5 40 R U Militia
Proninety SMG 36 250 1.25 50 R R Military
Matamorez Sniper Rifle 99 350 3 10 ER ER Militia
Timberwolf Sniper Rifle 115 400.1 4 8-6 VR ER Military
Longbow Bow 70 X 0.5 1 U C Civilian
Crossbow Bow 99 150 1.5 1 R C Civilian
Compound Bow Bow 99 200 1 1 R C Civilian

Table Notes


The damage is the base value used by the game, however, the damage might be reduced by the type of the target or other factors like the players clothing or skills. For more details how to calculate damage, refer to this page: Damage.


The rarity of each weapon is listed by an abbreviated code, as listed in the following table.

Shotgun Damage

Shotguns have varying damage depending on which shotgun is being used and how many pellets hit per shot. A buckshot holds 12 pellets, so it can deal from 16% to 192% damage with one buckshot round; in contrast, a slug holds 2 pellets (contrary to its name), so it can only deal from 16% to 32% damage. All shotgun damage is being calculated using buckshot in the table.

Abbreviation Description
C Common
U Uncommon
R Rare
VR Very Rare
ER Extremely Rare

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