Police Baton

Item Type: Weapon (Melee)


Range: Short
Swinging Speed: Fast
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.2 kg
Examine Text: "Used by law enforcement to combat riots."

The Police Baton is a short, thin, heavy baton made out of dense wood, plastic, or metal that is painted black. It can be commonly found at a Police Station, or at the barricade near the S.S Haven. They are primarily used by Police and Security forces worldwide.

The Police Baton does very little damage, being beaten by even the Pocketknife. It is not recommended to use against zombies, but may be an acceptable choice against other Players early-game. If you are looting this item from the entrance to the Alberton docks, it is recommended that you search for a more powerful weapon such as the Sledgehammer around the docks and in the storage crates on the docks.

Weapon analysisEdit

  • It's short range and small profile can mean for quick strikes, but at the cost of being not very devastating.
  • It's rarity of being found only at police loot locations means that there are not very many to choose from, and there are more common melee weapons to choose from that do more damage.



  • The Baton was able to be used to mine Rocks and Stones from Boulders, which was patched in update 2.1.7.
  • As a police weapon, the Police Baton isn't designed to maim or kill. However, with sufficient force it can crack or even break bones. As the player, you do hold the Baton in the correct fashion, so the short end strikes the target with your alternate attack. The short end and the way you strike with it increases the pressure you're putting onto your target on a smaller point. It's why it's so easy to stab something with a knife, and not so easy to do it with something like a shopping cart.
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