Military Bullets

File:Military Bullets.png
Item Type: Ammunition 
Equippable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.25kg/0.55lbs
Description: "Box of Military grade munitions."

Military Bullets are an uncommon type of munition found only in military locations. It is only used for the military grade weapons: the Maplestrike, Swissgewehr, Timberwolf, and Proninety. This type of munition has a very high damage ratio, making it useful in combat.

Military Bullets are used by placing a certain amount into the crafting menu, along with a magazine/clip/drum to be filled. They can not be used to reload a weapon directly. In order to refill a firearm, the magazine must first be removed by first holding T (default) and clicking the top-most magazine. Said magazine is always filled to its maximum capacity, so this item is best used on emptied magazines.


  • Both the military bullets and the tracer bullets have the same damage ratio, although the tracer bullets emit a red light when fired and the military bullets do not.
  • Because there is no money in game, many players use them as currency, much like in the Metro series.