Melee weapons are items which can be used to do damage at close range. Each melee weapon has its own damage, attack speed, and range.



Melee weapons also have two types of attack: the first (left-click under the default controls) is a normal attack which costs no stamina, while the second (right-click by default) is a power attack which typically costs stamina (10 with zero Endurance) and does double damage.

There are two main types of melee weapons: blunt and bladed. In addition to damage caused by the initial attack, bladed weapons can cause enemies to bleed. Oddly enough, despite being a blunt weapon the Bat can also cause enemies to bleed.

Weapon name Type Damage (%) Weight (kg) Range Speed Rarity Group
Fists Blunt 5-10 (est.) 0 Very Short Fast A Spawn
Baseball Bat Blunt 45 0.35 Long Fast U Civilian
Butcher Knife Bladed 35 0.25 Short Very Fast R Civilian
Crowbar Blunt 30 0.5 Short Fast C Civilian
Frying Pan Blunt 35 0.4 Medium Fast U Civilian
Golf Club Blunt 50 0.3 Long Slow C Civilian
Hammer Blunt 25 1 Medium Fast U Civilian
Katana Bladed 60 0.3 Long Fast R Civilian
Kitchen Knife Bladed 40 0.25 Short Very Fast U Civilian
Machete Bladed 50 0.25 Medium Slightly Fast C Civilian
Police Baton Blunt 30 0.2 Short Fast U Civilian
Tree Branch Blunt 25 0.15 Medium Fast H,CR Naturalist
Axe Bladed 60 1 Long Slow C Lumberjack
Chainsaw Bladed 8 0.6 Medium Constant R Lumberjack
Fire Axe Bladed 70 0.8 Long Medium/Slow U Lumberjack
Pickaxe Bladed 60 1 Long Slow C Miner
Sledgehammer Blunt 100 0.35 Long Slow R Demolition
Blowtorch Fire 4 0.3 Very Short Constant U Repair
Handsaw Bladed 26 0.20 Short Slow R Saw
Pocket Knife Bladed 35 0.3 Short Very Fast C Sharpener
Handlamp Blunt 10 0.1 Short Fast CR Light
Torch Blunt 10 0.3 Short Fast C Light
Bayonet Bladed 40 0.2 Varies Fast VR Tactical

Table Notes


The damage is the base value used by the game, however, the damage might be reduced by the type of the target or other factors like the players clothing, armor and/or skills. For more details on how to calculate damage, refer to this page: Damage


The rarity of each weapon is listed by an abbreviated code, as listed in the following table.

Abbreviation Description
A Always available
H Harvestable
CR Craftable
C Common
U Uncommon
R Rare
VR Very Rare
ER Extremely Rare