Item type: Weapon (Revolver)
Base damage: 65%
Range: 50 meters
RPM: 200 rpm
Reload time: 2.2 seconds
Capacity: 6 round(s)
Firemode(s): Semi
Accepted attachment(s): Barrel, Sights
Default attachment(s): None
Chambered in: Winchestre Clip
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.7kg/1.54lbs
Additional notes: Has a permanent default sight.

The Magnum is an uncommon revolver found in civilian locations. It uses Winchestre Clips, which hold 6 rounds.

How to ObtainEdit

The Magnum is found in civilian locations. While civilian spawns are found in most places in Prince Edward Island, they can be found in towns (e.g. Alberton), islands (e.g. Oultons Isle and several other places such as the Radio Tower.


Weapon ConditionsEdit


  • The Magnum inflicts high damage-per-shot for a pistol, and is capable of killing civilian zombies with one headshot.
  • It uses relatively common Winchestre Clips, which require only one box of civilian bullets to refill.
  • It is very lightweight, and is the lightest firearm in the game.


  • Like all pistols, it has a sluggish rate of fire and does not accept tactical attachments.
  • Its clips only hold 6 bullets, making refilling them an inefficient use of civilian bullets.
  • It has the shortest effective range of any pistol – exactly half that of the Colt and Berette.
  • Its bright color makes it easy to spot.
  • It is very loud unless suppressed, though not as loud as the Desert Falcon.


  • The Magnum is likely based on one of the many Smith & Wesson revolvers.
  • Before update 218, it sometimes took two shots to the head to kill a civilian zombie with the Magnum. Currently, it takes a single shot to kill one.
  • The Magnum can be seen on the floor of the login menu. Two Winchester clips can also be seen next to it.
  • The ability to attach the suppressor onto the Magnum is a logical fallacy that is commonly made by video games and other media. As it isn't gas-sealed, it would be as loud as it was previously even with a suppressor attached onto it.


See alsoEdit

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