Item Type: Weapon (Melee)
Base Damage:


Range: Medium
Swinging Speed: Slightly Fast
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.25kg/0.55lbs
Examine Text: "Complex bushwhacking device."

The Machete is a common blade weapon found at farms. It has a medium reach and can be swung slightly fast. It's a very good weapon to always carry around due to its light weight and range, making easy to kill hordes of zombies in a small amount of time.

Weapon ConditionsEdit

Advantages Edit

  • It has a fast attack speed, enabling it to deal with crowds effectively.
  • Its reach is respectable, making it a relatively safe choice against zombies.
  • It is very light, even for a melee weapon.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Its damage-per-hit is low, requiring two headshots to kill a civilian zombie without investment in the Warrior skill.
  • Stat-wise, it is almost completely inferior to the similar Katana.


  • The animations are similar to the katana.
  • Machetes are used for agricultural purposes and clearing brush.
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