Range: Very Short
Swinging Speed: Fast

Every player is allowed unarmed combat from spawn. While the player is not holding an item, clicking the left and right mouse button will allow the player to swing their respective fists to deal light damage. Fists give freshly spawned players some form of defence when they possess no weaponry.

Weapon analysisEdit

The very low damage and reach of using your fists makes them an unreliable tool for killing. You also can not strike with your fists while crawling. With your fists out, you're able to press/hold the "G" button by default to have a list of gestures you can express.


  • The fists were not the first method of defense to be added to the game, as the axe was.
  • The fists, unlike most melee weapons, does not possess a power attack.  Right clicking will simply use the other hand to punch.
  • Player made structures such as barricades and walls can not be destroyed or damaged by your fists.
  • The Fists will deal the same amount of damage whether the left or right one is used.
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