Fire Axe

File:Fire Axe.png
Item Type: Weapon (Melee)
Base Damage:


Range: Long
Swinging Speed: Medium/Slow
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.8kg/1.76lbs
Description: "Used by firemen to break down doors."

The Fire Axe is an uncommon bladed weapon which can be found at the fire stations in various towns. As well as being an effective melee weapon, it is one of the three melee weapons in the game which allows players to chop down trees for logs. The Fire Axe's power attack consumes 10 stamina (without the Endurance perk) and inflicts twice as much damage as a regular attack.

How to obtainEdit

The Fire Axe is found in 3 locations. These locations are; Charlottetown's fire station, Burywood's fire station and the crashed fire truck in the Confederation Bridge.

Weapon ConditionsEdit


  • Deals high damage-per-hit, and is capable of killing civilian zombies with an attack to the head.
  • Has good reach, making it much safer to use than most other early melee weapons.
  • Can chop down trees for wood, making it versatile.
  • It is a direct upgrade from the Axe, being lighter and more powerful when it comes to killing.
  • Can be found in any location with a fire station.


  • Its slow attack speed makes it less effective at dealing with groups quickly.



  • With full investment in the Warrior skill, it is capable of killing military zombies with one regular attack(tested).
  • With full investment in the Outdoors skill, it can chop down a tree in 7 regular hits, or 5 power hits.


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