Desert Falcon
Item type: Weapon (Pistol)
Base damage: 67%
Range: 60 meters
RPM: 200 rpm
Reload time: 0.85 seconds
Capacity: 7 round(s)
Firemode(s): Safety, Semi
Accepted attachment(s): Barrel, Sight
Default attachment(s): None
Chambered in: Swift Magazine
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 1.5kg/3.3lbs
Additional notes: Has a very fast reload speed, but very loud. Permanent sight included.

The Desert Falcon is a rare pistol found at military locations. It uses Swift Magazines as ammunition, each of which hold 7 rounds.

How to obtainEdit

The Desert Falcon is found in 6 locations, all of them being military locations. These locations are; O'Leary Military Base, the green tent and bridge checkpoint in the Confederation Bridge, the helicopter crash in St. Peter's Island, the tent in Montague, some places in Belfast Airport and the outpost in Burywood.



  • Uses extremely common Swift Magazines, which use only 1 box of Civilian Bullets to refill.
  • Highest damage-per-shot of any pistol, capable of killing a civilian zombie with a headshot.
  • Reloads very quickly.


  • Like all pistols, the Desert Falcon has a sluggish fire rate.
  • Heavy for a pistol, weighing 1.5kg.
  • Extremely loud when not suppressed.
  • Its effective range is very short, being almost half that of the Berette and Colt.
  • Its magazines only hold 7 bullets, making them an inefficient use of Civilian Bullets.
  • As with other pistols, it does not support tactical attachments.
  • Its bright color makes it easy to spot.
  • Less common than other pistols, spawning only at dangerous military locations.


  • The Desert Falcon is a pistol added in update 2.1.7.
    • It is the fourth handgun in the game, the second pistol to use swift magazines and is the first military pistol in the game (excluding the Colt, since it is more common in civilian locations).
    • Update 2.1.8 increased the damage so the Desert Falcon will now kill a civilian Zombie in a single shot to the head.
  • The Desert Falcon is based off the Desert Eagle.
  • It has the fastest reload time for a magazine weapon.
  • The Desert Falcon uses the same ammunition as the Colt, although in reality the Colt used .45 ACP while the Desert Falcon used .50 AE.


See alsoEdit

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