Item type: Weapon (Bow)
Base damage: 99%
Range: 150 meters
Reload time: 3.2 seconds
Capacity: 1 round(s)
Accepted attachment(s): Sight, Tactical
Default attachment(s): 6x Zoom Scope
Chambered in: Arrow
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 1.5kg/3.30lbs
Additional notes: Silent. Can be fired from the hip.

The Crossbow is a rare weapon found in rural areas. It uses Arrows as ammunition and only holds 1 arrow at a time. It spawns with the 6x Zoom Scope pre-attached by default.

How to obtainEdit

The Crossbow is found in 3 locations. These locations are; Wiltshire Farm, Fernwood Farm and the S.S Haven.

Weapon Pros and ConsEdit


  • Very high damage-per-shot, and it is capable of killing even military zombies with a headshot.
  • Unlike the Longbow and Compound Bow, it can be fired immediately from the hip after being reloaded.
  • It uses a common type of ammunition that can be crafted using similarly common materials.
  • It is relatively lightweight, as is its ammunition, making it much more inventory-efficient than the Matamorez or Timberwolf.
  • Its projectiles are Hitscan, meaning they will hit their targets instantly.
  • Its arrows can be retrieved if they hit inanimate objects.
  • It is a silent weapon.
  • It has no recoil.
  • It allows tactical and sight attachments, greatly increasing its effective range.
  • It spawns with a detachable 6x scope, reducing the need to hunt for attachments.


  • It can only hold a single arrow at a time, making it ineffective against groups and at shorter ranges.
  • It has an even slower rate of fire than the Compound Bow or Longbow, further limiting its effectiveness in close-quarters, and making it a very risky weapon to use against other players.
  • It is the rarest type of bow.
  • Though it is still much lighter than assault or sniper rifles, it is heavier than the comparable Compound Bow and is thus inferior in terms of weight efficiency.
  • It has the shortest effective range of any bow.


  • The Crossbow is one of the three weapons that uses Arrows as ammunition, the others being the Longbow and the Compound Bow.
  • The Crossbow is based on the real life modern compound crossbow.
  • The 6x Zoom Scope it spawns with can be detached and mounted on another weapon.
  • A crossbow in real life wouldn't actually use arrows, but rather bolts.



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