Item Type: Melee Weapon


Range: Medium
Swinging Speed: Constant
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.6 kg

1.32 lbs

Examine Text: "Powerful lumber cutting device."

The Chainsaw is a rare melee weapon that can be found in agricultural areas and rarely on the S.S. Haven. It has a medium reach and can be used constantly, without any form of fuel. As well as being an effective melee weapon, it is one of the three melee weapons in the game which allows players to chop down trees for logs.

Weapon Perks/Restrictions Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Doesn't require fuel to work, but will in a future update.
  • It is one of the only two automatic melee weapons in the game (the other being the Blowtorch), and removes swing timing as a factor when attacking.
  • It is effective in dealing with crowds, as one can circle a group of zombies and deal steady damage to the entire mob.
  • Has a decent range.
  • It is lighter than the Fire Axe.
  • Can chop down trees quicker than either type of axe.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Rare to find; it can only spawn in a few locations.
  • It deals pitiful damage-per-hit, relying on its fast hit speed to take enemies down.
  • Using the Chainsaw in any way will produce a lot of noise, making stealth an impossibility when using it.
  • When using, it is possible to experience a drop in frame rate on lower end machines.

Trivia Edit

  • The chainsaw requires no fuel to operate as of now, but may do so in a future update.
  • Lumberjack zombies have a very low chance of dropping them upon death.
  • After the first pre-steam update, the chainsaw's damage has been nerfed, making it weaker in actual combat than other powerful melee weapons.
  • If you hold down left click, then click tab and release left click, the chainsaw will continue to function, making long, repetitive tasks (such as tearing down old buildings) a lot easier.
  • Until the 2.1.5 patch, the chainsaw sound was bugged causing the sound effect to stop after 0.5 seconds of playing, meaning a strange looped audio sound.

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