Firearms are weapons that shoot damaging projectiles at targets from a distance. Firearms come in many variations such as pistols, shotguns, pdws, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Each weapon varies in damage, effective range, recoil, attachment compatibility, as well as ammunition types and compatibility.
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Firearms have 3 types of attachments they can use: Tactical, Barrel, and Sight. Tactical attachments have lots of uses such as an under barrel torch or a vertical handle to reduce recoil. Barrel attachments are used for muffling the sound of the weapon or removing the flash. Sight attachments assist with the aiming of the firearm, making the weapon easier to aim at longer or even shorter distances.

Some firearms have several types of ammunition such as the shotgun which can use buckshot(12 wide-spread low damage pellets) or slugs(single high-damage bullet) for shotguns. Rifles using NATO ammunition may be loaded with low-capacity tracer round magazines allowing you to see your bullets at night.

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