7x Zoom Scope

Item Type: Attachment (Sight)
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.1kg/0.22lbs
Examine Text: "Civilian rail mounted medium optic."

The 7x Zoom Scope is a very rare scope attachment found in militia locations.

How to obtainEdit

The 7x Zoom Scope is found in 7 locations, which are mostly mixed with civilian locations. These locations are; the S.S Haven, the compound in Holman Island, Kensington Campground, the military box in the barricaded house in Montague, the air traffic control tower in Belfast Airport, the town and the lighthouse in Summerside Peninsula, and very rarely at the Gun Store in Burywood.

It is also found pre-attached to the Matamorez, however the scope can be detached, and attached onto other guns.

Attachment ConditionsEdit


  • The 7x Zoom Scope's magnification is high enough to enable mid-long range combat, yet low enough to support shorter ranges.
  • Its crosshair's design outlines heads very well, making it easier to pull off successive headshots.
  • It is light weight.


  • The 7x Zoom scope is rare and can only found in militia locations.
  • Its magnification is ill-suited to long-distance shooting.


  • The Matamorez has the 7x Zoom Scope attached to it by default.
  • The 7x Zoom Scope is based off the PSO-1 scope, a Russian long range scope designed for the Dragunov SVD.
    • The scope was also the default scope for the VSS in the original Unturned.
  • It is the only scope that is attached to the side of a weapon.